We will always see a bottle of castor oil sitting in one of our medicine drawers at home. This oil is a popular home remedy for such pains like a stomach ache. Recently, the use of castor oil skin care is becoming a huge trend in the beauty world. Castor oil is found to contain rich skin care and hair care properties that work as effectively as the popular beauty care products. With this discovery, studies have found more ways to use castor oil to help increase the health of our body.

Castor oil for our basic health needs

Using castor oil is not only great for external use. Castor oil contains lots of vitamins and minerals that can boost the functions of the body. This oil has a high concentration of anti-bacterial components. These elements help in treating infections from fungal diseases. These elements can also turn castor oil as a natural laxative for the body. Together with castor oil’s antiviral elements, this oil is also a great boost for our immune system and ward off viral diseases.

Castor oil is also found to be a great remedy for joint pains and sore muscles. We all have our own fair share of these pains. Massaging over some castor oil over the affected areas can help you soothe yourself from the uncomfortable pain.  Along with this, the rich nutrients of castor oil can help your skin revive and develop fresh and younger looking glow.

Indeed, the castor oil is a great treatment for various pains. However, this oil should not be used as a complete alternative to our medicines. The oil can only serve as a booster or s supplement for our health needs. Consult your doctor first before using any alternatives such as castor oil.

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