Understanding the Science Behind Bearded Skin Irritation

Bearded men take pride in their facial hair. Especially those that are neat and sleek-looking. The fashion industry is seeing a surge in the trendiness of beards for men. Considered to be a stylish appearance, more men are pursuing the growth of beards. But growing and managing one is surely a hassle.
But the road to having a healthy and soft beard is not an easy one. There are a lot of issues that men will surely encounter. And skin irritation is one of them.

How Does Skin Irritation Happen?

Beard technically has a different structure compared to the strands that growth out of hair. It is more bristly and often thicker. It is also common to have a rough texture for the beard. This is one of the common factors causing the irritation.

Another one is that there is not enough moisture on the beard that the skin gets dry. Dry skin and facial hair create this itchy abrasion that irritates the skin further. If not combed enough, flakes and bits of dirt trapped in the beard also triggers irritation. This issue may lead to worse cases such as acne.

Ways to Prevent Skin Irritation in Bearded Men

The time of your suffering is over. There are a lot of ways to avoid getting irritated skin. There’s beard oil kit that features a moisturizing oil, comb, and other products. What’s important is to provide the basic needs of both the facial hair and the skin.

• Long-lasting moisture that reaches the skin. It is not just enough to slap on some oil on facial hair.
• Getting rid of the dirt and flakes trapped on the beard. You can do this by regular washing and combing. Freeing the beard from trapped flakes and dirt reduces chances of irritation.
• Trimming the facial hair is also another way to avoid skin irritation. Thing is, the damage to the strands such as frizzing and brittleness, boost the roughness of the strands. Trimming facial hair regularly controls damages from spreading, thus, limiting the damage to the skin.