Physical Therapy Equipment

Physical therapy offers a plethora of options for patients, which includes various instruments and tools to help make recovery easier. Proper equipment is crucial for any clinic that provides physical therapy, and selecting the proper gear for your business is never easy. Cutting-edge systems often require an absurd amount of cash, and securing the correct equipment you need to aid recovery with occupational health development and recovery is essential. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to acquire sufficient physical therapy equipment, but you have to guarantee that the tools you purchase are made of quality materials that can withstand use and abuse and at the same time offer features that cater to different needs.

Treatment Tables

Possibly the cheapest item on this list are the treatment tables. However, these are mandatory items for every physical therapy clinic, as you must ensure that patients can sit or rest comfortably in a variety of positions as you perform rehabilitation therapies. Quality treatment tables should be sturdy enough to handle all the stress coming from heavy patients and the movement involved during physical therapy sessions for prolonged periods.


Isokinetic devices are a tremendous way to help patients recover or build lost strength from injuries or accidents that may have resulted in loss of muscle mass and growth. They can also improve flexibility by applying resistance during stretching exercises. These products should cost no more than a hundred dollars, which makes it an ideal investment for any physical therapy clinic out there.

Exercise Bike

The exercise bike is another tool commonly found in modern physical centers. This is a great way to help patients recover from lower-body injuries such as foot, leg, and ankle injuries. Therapeutic cycling produces a broad list of exercises that can greatly help restore and stamina throughout the legs. On top of this, you can do various activities during the therapy such as watch your favorite TV series, engage in Casino Room download games, browse the web, etc.

Exercise Balls

Yet another simple but effective tool for modern physical therapy clinic is the exercise ball. Also prominent in fitness establishments, exercise balls are inflated spheres that are great for stretching various parts of the body and improve balance and coordination. These balls come in a variety of sizes—depending on the application—with specialized models, allowing rehabilitation of specific areas of the body and more general designs give patients a better range of exercises.


Ultrasound has different functions and has become a common sight in physical therapy. Ultrasound therapy is used to treat a number of injuries, and viewing tools that employ ultrasonic technology can help you pinpoint areas where poor blood flow and stressed parts occur, cracked or fractured areas under the skin.

Therapeutic ultrasound generally targets the following:

  • Tightness or contracture of the joints
  • Frozen shoulders
  • Tendonitis
  • Strains and muscle tears
  • Ligament injuries and sprains

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

This is an instrument commonly used after an accident or severe injury to restore muscle growth and eliminate muscular atrophy. Skilled physiotherapists can use electrical muscle stimulation tools to help refresh basic tone and strength in muscles that have gone idle or recently damaged. These devices are typically used during the early stages of physical therapy when common exercise options are not considered due to weakness in necessary muscle groups.