Perks of Cleansing the Face With Castor Oil

In cleansing the skin, you’re also getting rid of the moisture that keeps it soft and silky. It only results in two things, having dry skin or an excessively oily one. In this case, we look for products that remove dirt, oil, and impurities without being too harsh on the skin.

Why Use Castor Oil for Cleansing?

If you think that using castor oil on the skin, even an oily one, is not safe, then you’re wrong. It does not accumulate on the surface because it is highly absorbent compared to other oils. Its therapeutic effects are also perfect for cleansing the skin.

What makes castor oil perfect for cleansing is that it has antibacterial properties. It kills germs that can damage the skin. Another is that it also helps soothe any inflammation on the skin. Its thick liquid form draws out toxins and dirt from the pores to prevent acne and breakouts.

How to Use Castor Oil

  • Prepare the tools that you will need from the oil, dropper, cotton, and face towel.
  • First, wash the face with warm water but not too hot or you risk damaging your skin. It helps open up the pores to help the oil draw out the impurities better.
  • Pat the skin dry gently with a face towel. Remove any traces of water on the skin.
  • Use the dropper to put oil on the cotton. You can also use your fingertips but make sure that it is clean or you risk transferring germs and bacteria to your face.
  • Smooth the castor oil all over the face in circular motions. A cotton is preferred since it will lift off the dirt and toxins from the skin.
  • Let the oil sit on the face for a few minutes. Pat the excess oil and let dry. There’s no need to wash!