Essential Oil and Aromatherapy: Are they Really Good for you?

Some of us may think that aromatherapy is a bogus trick of essential oil brands to sell their products. This may not be able to chase away your cold. But it can definitely help the overall well-being of the body. There are finds that lavender oil can help calm the senses that can soothe the mind and help induce sleep. Another type of essential oil that’s been really popular in aromatherapy is the pure essence of rose oil.

Essential oils library

These oils should not be used as an alternative to prescribed treatments. The following essential oils are to be used as boosters and not as primary treatments.

Rose oil

Aside from its ability to help treat depression, rose oil is also known for soothing your senses from anxiety. Rose oil is also found to be effective for digestion and helps in the circulation of blood and oxygen around the body. This oil is known to be the ideal oil for those with asthma.

Additional use: You can also use rose oil for hair care treatments. The oil is known for its properties that can keep the hair strong and healthy.

Jasmine oil

The jasmine oil’s distinct aroma helps in easing tension and stress. It is also known to help treat addiction and can help soothe asthma attacks.

Additional use: A jasmine absolute oil can help hydrate the skin and revives its youth. It is also great for soothing eczema.

Ylang-ylang oil

Once you’ve had a whiff of this oil’s scent, you will know instantly that is ylang-ylang. This oil is great for relieving headache and tension. Some claims that ylang-ylang aromatherapy can help regulate the blood flow.

Additional use:

Some people use it for hair growth.

Patchouli oil

Some of you may already know this oil but it is still worth mentioning since it has incredible effects in relieving tension from our minds and body.

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