Castor oil has numerous medicinal, industrial, pharmaceutical and skin care uses that one has yet to discover. Although its main use is as an additive in food, medications and skin care products is also one of its well-known benefits and there are a number of it. In ancient Egypt, Castor Oil proved that is for great use as a natural remedy for various skin diseases, as treatments for ailments in the eye and as a laxative for pregnant women to stimulate labor. Nowadays, doctors now prohibit its purpose as a stimulant for pregnant women because it can pose negative side effects to the unborn child.

5 amazing uses and benefits of Castor essential oil:

  1. It speeds up wound healing – Application of Castor Oil to wounds could create a moist environment that can promote healing and prevents sores from drying out. The oil stimulates and speeds up the growth of tissue in the affected area, which makes it easier for the barrier to form decreasing the chance of infection to occur.
  2. All-natural moisturizer – With the use of Castor Oil for skin, it can retain moisture by preventing loss of water in the outer layer of the skin. It is also often used in creating cosmetics to promote hydration, often added to products like moisturizers and lotions.
  3. A powerful laxative – Although not anymore practiced, Castor Oil can help increase movement of muscles in the digestive system, clearing the intestines down to the bowels.
  4. It can help reduce acne – Castor oil has several qualities that can aid in reducing the accumulation of acne on the face. It has antimicrobial properties that can help prevent bacterial growth when applied to the affected skin.
  5. Keeps the scalp and the hair healthy – There are already quite a number of people who proved the use of Castor Oil for the hair. Dry or damaged hair and scalp can be of great use to Castor Oil. Due to its ability to reduce inflammation, it can be an effective tool in treating various scalp problems such as dandruff.