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Chi Delta Theta Sorority is an Asian-American interest sorority that was established on October 13, 1989 at the University of California at Santa Barbara by founding mothers Miss Alison Suto-Stripling and Miss Joanne Yamaoka. Over the past fifteen years, Chi Delta Theta has expanded to include four other chapters and over 100 active sisters all over California.

The sisters of Chi Delta Theta strive to promote sisterhood, academics, community service, cultural awareness, and social activity in the lives of its members. Together, our goals are to unite Asian clubs and organizations, to educate and enhance the learning of Asian culture, to encourage interaction between cultural fraternities and sororities, and to provide a support network for our members by developing a special bond of sisterhood, loyalty, and commitment.

History of Chi Delta Theta

Chi Delta Theta was officially established at the University of California at Santa Barbara on October 13, 1989. Miss Alison Suto Stripling and Miss Joanne Yamaoka along with seventeen founding mothers formed the Alpha Chapter of Chi Delta Theta, the first Asian-American interest sorority on the UC Santa Barbara campus.

The Beta Chapter of Chi Delta Theta was officially founded on February 3, 1992 with ten founding members at the California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly SLO). As with UCSB, the Beta Chapter was the first Asian-American interest sorority on the Cal Poly campus.

Three women at Loyola Marymount University were initiated into Chi Delta Theta oon February 1, 1997. Through their hard work, dedication, and love, they became the Gamma Chapter of Chi Delta Theta.

Thirteen ladies from the California State University at Long Beach were initiated into the sorority on October 3, 1997. With their direct sense of determination and a continuing love for Chi Delta Theta, Cal State Long Beach became the Delta Chapter.

On February 20, 1999, seven young women from the University of California at Davis, were initiated into Chi Delta Theta and became the Epsilon Chapter. With this founding class, our sorority finally made its way to Northern California.

Even though we are separated by distance, that does not step in our way of continuing our close sisterhood. Through Chi Delta Theta, we find strength and love in sisterhood and friends for life.

Purpose of Chi Delta Theta

Chi Delta Theta seeks to enrich the lives of university women with the following main points of focus:

Sisterhood :: The bonds that Chi Delts create last the test of time, far beyond college. Throughout our active sorority days, we experience things together that bring about unbreakable bonds. In many instances, our sisters become our bridesmaids, best friends, co-workers, etc. Everything that our sorority does together only strengthens the love that we have for each other and the sorority.

Cultural Awareness :: As Asian-American women, we can never forget our roots. We seek not only to enrich ourselves with our cultures, but to educate others in the community as well. Our purpose is not to segregate, but to celebrate each other’s cultural differences. Chi Delta Theta accepts women of all ethnic backgrounds.

Academics :: Our main purpose for being in a university is for education. Academics is always number one. A strong Chi Delt recognizes her priorities and finds a way to balance school, work and her extracurricular activities.

Social Activity :: The ability to communicate and interact with different types of people is essential to our success as individuals whether it be in school, the work world, family, relationships, etc. At the same time, Chi Delts make social activities a way to relieve stress, meet great people and to just enjoy themselves.

Community Service :: Chi Delts seek not only to enrich their own lives, but to help enrich the lives of others in their community. Not only is philanthropy fun(because we are doing it together), but nourishing for both the heart and soul.